The Urban Oarsman & Son build a Canoe part five.

Well, it is after Christmas and Paul and I have gone to Windsor Plywood to buy an accent strip for the canoe.  They happen to have some 2¼ by 5/16” by 16′ long oak casing.  Paul finds a piece with a pleasing grain pattern.  Done deal.  When we get home we will rip the piece in half, ending up with two 1 1/16″ strips which when  routed will end up 1″ wide by 5/16″ thick by 16′ long.  The problem with using casing is that the top two edges are rounded over.  By ripping the strip in half, we get one square edge.  We will rout the “bead” into the half-rounded over edge and the cove into the “square” one.

We set up the Bead and Coving jig.

Putting the “Bead” onto the accent strip of oak.

It only takes a few minutes to run both strips through the router.

Because the accent strips are 1/16″ thicker than the other cedar strips, we mill the accent strips to stand 1/16″ proud on the outside of the canoe:

the “Bead”.

Putting the cove onto the strips.

We set the strips aside.  Paul wants to stain them darker to make them stand out against the lighter coloured cedar.

The two accent strips:

The two oak pieces with the rest of the strips.

A close-up of the “Bead and Cove” edge:

“Bead and Cove” close-up showing the 1/16″ proud.

If the “Proud” strip does not look right, we will sand the strip even with the rest of the strips.

That’s all for today…


Have a great paddling 2018!