About the Urban Oarsman:

 Gwragedd Annwnn drawing

Mike  is The Urban Oarsman.  He started to build Gwragedd Annwn on August 1st, 2011 and launched her on August 21st, 2012.


He rows  “Gwragedd Annwn” in the waters around Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

She is baised on Phil Bolger’s “Defender” design.   “Gwragedd Annwn” is 130% bigger, 14’6″ long from 11′.  Gwragedd Annwn was built for the 180km row down the Fraser River from Hope to the Hollyburn Sailing Club.


Gwragedd Annwn on a gravel bar in Widgeon Creek.

“Gwragedd Annwn” (goo-RAG-eth ANN oon), named after Welsh water fairies,  is an epoxy & cedar strip built boat displacing 220 lbs. Her LOA is 14’6″, her WL is 14′.  She is 5′ wide and her depth from keel to gunwale is 2′.  She draws 10″ of water giving her 14″ of freeboard.  The spread of her oars is 18′.  She can switch between a fixed-seat or sliding rowing stations.  She has four red cedar “D” section cupped spoon oars, 8′ 6″ long with 125 square inches of blade area.  Each oar weighs less than 5 lbs.  She has Phil Bolger designed oarlocks.

The Urban Oarsman


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