Gwragedd Annwn


Gwragedd Annwn Lines drawing

Gwragedd Annwn is baised on Philip C Bolger’s Defender Design.  She is 14’6″ long from the transom to the bow eye, her waterline length is 14′ even. She is 5’2″ wide at the aft oarlocks and 2′ deep from her gunwales to her keel.  Gwragedd Annwn draws 10″ and her freeboard is 14″. She has two rowing stations and floatation tank seating.  She has a motor well in the stern seat to Port and a storage area under the bow seat.

Gwragedd Annwn Hollyburn Sailing Club BeachGwragedd Annwn on the beach at the Hollyburn Sailing Club.

North Alouette River RowGwragedd Annwn at the Pitt River Marina boat launch.

Mike & Matt, The Urban Oarsmen, The Widgeon Creek RowGwragedd Annwn and Myself rowing to Widgeon Creek.

Widgeon Creek High Tide RowGwragedd Annwn on a sandbar in Widgeon Creek.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGwragedd Annwn and Myself rowing around Siwash Rock.

The Urban Oarsman row to the North Arm of the Fraser from Hollyburn Sailing Club.Gwragedd Annwn on her dolly at the top of the Hollyburn Sailing Club ramp.


Rowing away from Hollyburn Sailing Club to Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC.


March 11th Club Paddle to Sandy Cove.

Hollyburn Sailing Club Squamish to HSC Paddle, Isle View campsite.

Getting passed by the kayakers, Squamish to Hollyburn Sailing Club Row II