Before Gwragedd Annwn. Mirror Dinghy 7067.


Red Wing web 2 Owners name: Mike Bretner

Designers name:  Jack Holt and Barry Bucknell (1962).  Mirror 11

Point Grey trip 003
Builders name:  Joy Moulds

Red Wing web
Year built:  1967

Redwing 040
Method of construction/history: Stitch and glue plywood .

I purchased “Redwing” from Joy Moulds in 1980. Joy and her (late) husband built her in 1967. Joy was retiring to the Okanagan and did not want to take “Redwing” with her. “Redwing” and I have sailed the San Juan & Gulf Islands, Lake Louise, The Fraser River, Maligne Lake, Many Interior Lakes, and all over the Lower Mainland & Howe Sound.


Redwing Refit 2064

“Redwing” has been sailing for 51 years, (for 15 years out of Hollyburn Sailing Club) and has many more years of sailing adventures ahead of her.

New Years day, 2009.