The Siwash Rock Sunset Row. May 31st, 2014

Siwash Rock Sunset

May 31st, 2014.  A perfect evening to watch the Sunset at Siwash Rock.  Of course being the Urban Oarsman, I will watch from Gwragedd Annwn.

The Low low tide was around 2:00pm, .9m/3′ and the High high will be around 9:30pm, 4.5m/14.8′.  Sunset will be around 8:20.  

Siwash Rock Sunset I row due South, away from the Ambleside launch ramp at 6:40pm.  


Siwash Rock Sunset The incomming tide pushes me towards First Narrows and Stanley Park.  


 Siwash Rock Sunset About 20 minutes later, I arrive off Stanley Park.  At low tide, this is a boulder beach, with several large eyebolts in the rock.  


Siwash Rock Sunset I pass the ramp to the beach and row on to Siwash Rock.


Siwash Rock Sunset Except at the highest tides, it is always a good idea to stay 300 feet (100 meters) or more off the shore at Stanley Park.  There are many rocks along the shore.  Some quite far out.


Siwash Rock Sunset I row into the cove behind Siwash Rock and begin to take photos.


Siwash Rock Sunset A cyclist rides by.


 Siwash Rock Sunset The signature trees. I understand that the original tree died in the exceptionly dry Summer of 1965 and these are replacement trees.


Siwash Rock Sunset I row around to get different photos of the sun behind Siwash.


Siwash Rock Sunset The sky is cloudless.


Siwash Rock Sunset The high tide channel between the rock and the shore.


Siwash Rock Sunset I circumnavigate the rock to take some photos from the outside.


Siwash Rock Sunset I have always wondered about the “eyespot”.


Siwash Rock Sunset Close-up of the “eyespot”.


Siwash Rock Sunset Very few people see Siwash Rock from this angle.  


Siwash Rock Sunset Looking South-East at Siwash.


Siwash Rock Sunset The Ocean Seagull heads out of Burrard Inlet, going to one of the English Bay anchorages. That is Sentinal Hill behind the freighter.


Siwash Rock Sunset Other freighters sit in the middle of English Bay.  The black streak is a cormorant flying by.


Siwash Rock Sunset Freighters on the North side anchorages, off Jericho beach.

 Siwash Rock Sunset Ocean Seagull changes course and heads for an anchorage.


Siwash Rock Sunset A couple of Ocean Seagull Sunset shots:



Siwash Rock Sunset Her anchor is ready.



Siwash Rock Sunset She is a general cargo frieghter.



Siwash Rock Sunset I never do see her port of registry.


Siwash Rock Sunset Passing behind Siwash.


Siwash Rock Sunset Photo of her through the channel.


Siwash Rock Sunset I take some more photos of Siwash, trying to get a really good one.


Siwash Rock Sunset With the sun behind the rock, you can see some more of the East side.


Siwash Rock Sunset The three Douglas Fir trees, planted in 1968 still survive.


Siwash Rock Sunset Another Sunset photo.  The arm of  land in the background is Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and the tall mountain to the right is Bowen Island.


Siwash Rock Sunset About an hour into the row and the view is wonderful.


Siwash Rock Sunset I am just drifting in Gwragedd Annwn and taking photos.


Siwash Rock Sunset I guess it would be helpful if I really knew what I was doing.


Siwash Rock Sunset There are a lot of people on the seawall.


Siwash Rock Sunset I am trying to get the trees more silhouetted.


Siwash Rock Sunset Horizon is a bit more level in this one.


Siwash Rock Sunset I float behind Siwash and take photos as the sun sets.


Siwash Rock Sunset Trying to get Siwash’s shadow in the picture.


Siwash Rock Sunset A good silhouette picture.



Siwash Rock Sunset The sun is starting to hit the mountains.


Siwash Rock Sunset I row out, through the channel to get a different view.


Siwash Rock Sunset View from the seaward side.


Siwash Rock Sunset Sinking below Bowen Island, Lighthouse Park.


Siwash Rock Sunset I zoom in.  The big problem with using the zoom lens is that Gwragedd Annwn is not a stable photography platform.  This is the best of many shots.


Siwash Rock Sunset Back behind Siwash.


Siwash Rock Sunset Kinda like that redish streak.


Siwash Rock Sunset Try again without Gwragedd Annwn’s rowing mirror in frame.



Siwash Rock Sunset It is a lovely evening.



Siwash Rock Sunset Close-up of the Douglas Firs with a crescent moon sliver to the left of the lowest branch.


Siwash Rock Sunset The sun is half way below the Bowen Island mountainline.


Siwash Rock Sunset Just dissappearing behind the ridge.


Siwash Rock Sunset A bit of haze glows in the sunset.


Siwash Rock Sunset The crescent moon.


Siwash Rock Sunset I row around to get the moon over the Douglas Firs.


Siwash Rock Sunset Close-up of the crescent moon.


Siwash Rock Sunset Moon to the south of the Douglas Firs.


Siwash Rock Sunset Moon to the North of the Douglas Firs.


Siwash Rock SunsetSunset.  A jet’s contrails glow.  A little after 8:00pm and time to row home.  The tidal flow through First Narrows has slowed and it will be an easy row across.  I will be packed up and on my way home by twilight’s end.

Siwash Rock SunsetSiwash Rock Sunset.  A good row.


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