The Urban Oarsman

Gwragedd Annwnn drawing

Rowing Gwragedd Annwn in the Lower Mainland around Vancouver British Columbia and Beyond.

Widgeon Creek, The Right Fork

Gwragedd Annwn in Widgeon Creek

Urban Oarsman rows Callaghan Lake

Gwragedd Annwn in Callaghan Lake

The Urban Oarsman Rows Burnaby lake

Gwragedd Annwn in Still Creek

The Urban Oarsman rows Gwragedd Annwn to the Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival 2013

Gwragedd Annwn at the 2013 Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival.


Gwragedd Annwn at the Pitt Meadows Marina dock.

The Spring Equinox Row, March 21st, 2015.

Gwragedd Annwn rowing West into the sunset.  The Spring Equinox Row.

The Urban Oarsman rows back to the Hollyburn Sailing Club after having a hot mulled wine with a friend.

The Urban Oarsman and Son build a Canoe.

Progress made….

Paul at sea

The launch of Paul’s Canoe at the Hollyburn Sailing Club, June 17th, 2018

Gwragedd Annwn with her new birdsmouth hollow mast, her spar, dipping lug sail, leeboards and new rudder.

Making a Dipping Lugsail for Gwragedd Annwn

The Brenne Clamp Build

Brenne Clamps for the Herreshoff Pram build.
2022 Barefoot Raid