The Swan Lake Row. April 6th, 2015.

Swan Lake title twoI have a brother in-law who lives in Vernon.  We visit several times a year.  On this trip I decide to take Gwragedd Annwn and row in Goose Lake.  Goose Lake is a little North and West of Vernon.  Goose Lake is about 2 kilometers long and 400  meters wide at its widest.  Should be good for an afternoon row. (Click on picture for larger format one).


Swan Lake RowGerry has kindly reserved a parking spot for Gwragedd Annwn.  Tomorrow we will take the FJ and have a look at Goose Lake.  Gerry has never been there.


Swan Lake RowWe find Goose Lake and walk down to check it out.


Swan Lake RowThere is a concrete barrier in the way.  Does not look good.


Swan Lake RowThere is a dirt track where others have by-passed the barrier.


Swan Lake RowAnother barrier of sorts.  It is looking worse for rowing.


Swan Lake RowLooking back up the road to where the FJ is parked.  It turns out that there is a concrete barrier, two barbed wire fences and a No Tresspassing sign.  No rowing here.


Swan Lake RowSwan Lake, on the other hand, has a boat launch ramp, just off the highway North of Vernon.  Swan Lake is about 5 kilometers long and a kilometer wide at its widest.  The ramp is more or less at the middle of the lake.


Swan Lake RowThe water is a little high on the ramp, it does not drop off until the edge of the reeds.  I simply push Gwragedd Annwn off her trailer into 10″ deep water.


Swan Lake RowAs you can see in this photo, the water does not come up over the trailer wheels.  Good thing I brought my sailing boots!


Swan Lake RowWhile I was launching Gwragedd Annwn, these two fifth-wheel trailer (insert bad words here) came and parked their fifth-wheel trailer right at the turn-around!  Right in the way of the boat launchers.  Now the next ones to launch must turn their towing vehicle and trailer around further up the ramp and back much further down the ramp.


Swan Lake RowRowing away from the launch.  I feel sorry for those next guys backing their boat & trailer down the ramp.  My row plan is to go down to the South shore of the  lake and then back up to the top (North) end before the wind starts.  I will ride the wind back down lake to the launch ramp.


Swan Lake RowLooking South, down lake.  The weather prediction calls for calm to light Northerly winds in the late afternoon.


Swan Lake RowLooking North up lake.


Swan Lake RowA rustling and a noise attract my attention on the shore.  It takes me a few minutes to spot something.


Swan Lake RowThere is a Canada Goose on a nest.


Swan Lake RowA bit closer look.  He/She blends in nicely with the reeds.


Swan Lake RowLooking North, the first few gusts ripple the water.  I hope the wind holds off.


Swan Lake RowLooking East.  There is a large flock of birds along the shore, mostly ducks.


Swan Lake RowGlassy calm again.  I hope it stays this way.


Swan Lake RowWillows on the Eastern Shore.


Swan Lake RowThere is a campground on the South-East end of the lake called Silver Star RV Park.


Swan Lake RowI hear more activity in the reeds but do not see anything.


Swan Lake RowLooking to the Western shore.


Swan Lake RowSilver Star RV Park is behind the trees.  The wind is starting to pick up from the North!  I will have to row back against it.  Maybe it will cease.


Swan Lake RowThe RV park.  The wind has stopped again.


Swan Lake RowThe wind has picked up again.  Gusting 10 to 15 kts.  Going to be a bit of a slog rowing home.



Swan Lake RowBird obseveration hut on the South Shore of Swan Lake.  The wind is blowing quite strongly and consistantly.


Swan Lake RowNot many chances to take photos on the way back, but, I snapped this one as two geese pass me flying upwind.  I am sad that I only got to see the South end of the lake.

logo Lighthouse parkSwan Lake is a good place to row. Especally if there is no wind.